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Complete the Letter of Authority form giving Argent International authorisation to request the transfer value and transfer forms (3 in total) on your behalf.
Once the current transfer value is confirmed by the UK pension provider you then complete a Form of Engagement with Argent International once the fees have been agreed.
All of the forms will be completed and sent to your U.K. pension provider.
The UK pension provider then transfers the fund to QROPS. Click on YES to start the process and download the Letter of Authority, complete sign and return by fax on +44(0)1664 444625 or email to the qrops@aifsg.com. Alternatively ring our Pensions Advisers on +44 (0)1664 444625.
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A QROPS is a recognised overseas pension scheme that meets certain requirements. The rules of the scheme must be broadly equivalent in terms of tax treatment, to a UK registered pension scheme.

With an ever increasing ageing population, there are not enough young people paying into the state scheme to take care of pensioners. The likely result is a crack down on pensions schemes in the future and an increase in taxes (as we have witnessed already). Luckily for UK citizens, they can transfer their UK private pensions offshore to mitigate tax. The Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) allows most types of UK private pensions to be transferred offshore. QROPS was designed with the intention of giving UK expats who aren't returning to the UK the option of moving their pension to a 'white list' country offshore such as Guernsey or the Isle of Man. Not only do you mitigate tax, but you don't need to purchase an annuity. This means that your whole pension fund is left to your spouse upon death and then onto your kids should your spouse pass away.

Furthermore you don't need to report to the HMRC (UK tax office) after 5 years. If you've been abroad for 5 years already, you don't need to report to them at all. You may even be able to access 30% of your fund immediately after transfer provided you are over 55 and have the added benefit of removing death duty tax on your remaining pension, now set at 55% by Her Majesty's Custom's & Excise.

The UK HMRC monitors the companies it has approved to provide QROPS schemes.

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